Sat. Nov. 18th, 8pm at the Portland Art Center

borborygmus (jonathan sielaff &david hirvonen + jean-paul jenkins)

brenna murphy & chris ryder "bowbrush"

richard garet "IOTA expansion variations 1 & 2"

seth cluett (with mark owens, theodore holdt & matthew marble)

complete program:

Jonathan Sielaff and David Hirvonen with Jean-Paul Jenkins
Luke Wyland with Mark Kaylor and Sarah Winchester curated by Morgan Currie
1.Animal Charm Terrorized
2. Brook Hinton Slow Force Glimpse
3. Melody Owen Lowerliftlookfeed
4. David Borengasser and Hayden Henningsen Inhale Exhale
5. James SumnerI Will Truck music by Dirty Projectors
6. Holly Andres and Grace Carter Brave New Girl music by Le Tigre
7. Zak Margolis Wolves and Wolverines music by Old Time Relijun
8. Zak Margolis Moonbabies
d.Seth Cluett As the Hour Jumps to Your Eyes (4 Windows on Thalia Field)
with Theodore Holdt, Mark Owens and Matthew Marble
e.Olivia Block
with Jesse Engum, Jonathan Sielaff, Mark Kaylor and Chad Hensel
f.DJ P Unity

g.installed video work
1. Richard Garet IP - IOTA Expansion Variations 1 & 2
2. Michael Bullock Shadowy / Sunny
3. Lethe (Kuwayama Kiyoharu) Lines Variation
4. Cat Tyc Furness
5.Tammy Marie Dudman Optra Fields I- IIII
6. Elizabeth Leister Pas de Troix
7. Sylvain Fogato Ludin / Tallis / Mar´ees
8. Stephen Slappe Increasing in Significance
9. Linda Kliewer Bush Country
10. Brenna Murphy & Chris Ryder Bowbrush
11. Phillip Cooper Light Machine III
12. Mark Owens Puddle Poems
13. Mack McFarland to watch in preparation for the deep Fall / to watch suffering from information overload / to watch holding a stone
14. Sue Havens Spool / Unfurl